Business Evaluations

Opinions of Value

How much is your business really worth?

We can provide opinions of the market value of your businesses, to different types of buyers, including strategic, financial, individual, and alternative owners such as ESOPs, Trusts, and Co-Ops. We can advise you on the operational changes and ownership structures that will build lasting enterprise value, and make the survival and transfer of your business more likely.

Operational Deep Dive

How does your business compare to your competitors in areas that really matter?

We use a number of financial and operational assessment tools to benchmark your company’s performance against similar companies, and relevant Key Performance Indicators, identifying areas where your company exceeds expectations, and areas where it needs improvement to live up to its promise. Our work usually results in stronger business, more able to adapt to change while staying true to mission.

Cultural Resiliency Assessment

How well can your culture handle change? What can you do to make your business a more rewarding and more effective place to work? How can you use the same secrets that Fortune 100 companies use to make their cultures a secret weapon for growth?

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