Resiliency Leadership


I help leaders and teams thrive through change and uncertainty.

Resilience is like any skill; it can be strengthened, allowing us to grow in our ability to help ourselves and others. And these days, we need that more than ever.

Go-to guy on leading for resilience

Over the last 22 years, I delivered consulting and workshops for leaders and teams, with real-life application of brain-science-based strategies for thriving and growing through adversity.

Broad experience and cross-discipline expertise

My corporate and consulting experience spans a number of sectors, including aerospace, high-tech manufacturing, consumer, energy, education, and more. Over the years, I have researched and developed expertise in Transformative Teams, Organization Development, Change Leadership, Organization Design, and Resilience & Thriving.

Award-winning instructor and instructional designer

As an avid learner, I have a knack for translating scientific and academic research into practical, real-world, impactful, and engaging learning experiences in both live classrooms and virtual settings. I am recognized for my ability to connect with learners, helping them find relevance and apply course learnings to their own lives at work and home.

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Topics: Strengths-Based Leadership, Change, Resilience

Trusted by big brands

Leading for Resilience

Brain-based principles and practices for leading your teams to greater resilience and adaptability in the face of change and adversity.

Resilience starts with your leaders

Leaders today face a complex host of challenges, including employee attrition, competition, AI, returnto-office mandates, and more. Yet somehow, we expect them just to tough it out. This unwise and unsustainable approach leaves leaders feeling burned out and overwhelmed. Leaders need support to remain resourceful and adaptable as they navigate these challenges, not merely endure them.

Our workshop, "Leading for Resilience," is your solution. It provides leaders with the principles and practices of resilience and adaptability. Rather than succumbing to overwhelm and stress, they learn to foster productivity, well-being, and agile innovation within their teams.

Don't leave your leaders to face these challenges alone. Invest in resilience with our comprehensive program and prepare your organization to thrive and grow through change and uncertainty.

Resilient leaders make a difference

Employees who report to resilient leaders are:

  • Nearly 3 times as resilient as others
  • 30% more productive
  • 50% less burned out than employees whose leaders are not resilient

Learn the 7Cs of Leading
for Resilience

Choose from 5 workshop versions


The Resilience Briefing

Increase awareness and interest with key concepts and one exercise (30 min.)


The Resilience Primer

Kickstart your resilience journey with core principles and practical tips (60 min.)


The Resilience Builder

Deepen resilience knowledge and ability in a deep dive session with several practice rounds (90 min.)


The Resilience Activator

Activate resilience in leaders and their teams with a transformative two-part journey (2 X 90 min.)


The Resilience Masterclass

A half-day immersion to shift mindsets, increase abilities and reinforce learnings (4 hours)

Bill Hefferman

Bill Hefferman