Stewardship Ownership Resources

Who does the wealth generated by a business serve? Does it serve only the owner? Or does the wealth created by a business serve the employees as well? Customers? Does it serve a larger community? Does the wealth of a business serve an environmental, social, or philanthropic purpose beyond helping the rich and privileged become more rich and privileged?

When Yvon Chuinard, the founder of Patagonia, announced a deal in 2022 to transfer ownership of the Billion dollar business, he turned some heads.

But in reality, a healthy community of organizations dedicated to harnessing the power of business to use wealth to serve humanitarian, social, or environmental has been emerging for some time. For mission-driven businesses, selling your business to a purpose-driven trust, an ESOP, or a worker Co-Op can be a wonderful idea. A healthy thriving business can have a bigger impact than a single charitable contribution.

Our Values-first approach to exiting your business means that we will put your values first. If your business serves a larger purpose, these resources can help you find transaction options that will have a meaningful and lasting impact on the world.


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