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Your Mission

We started the Pragma Group to help business owners make the most of their life’s work.

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About Us

We’ve started, run, and exited from our own businesses. Our mission is help business owners fully realize the reason “why” they started their businesses. We take a values-first approach to craft a future for your business that builds on your values, and doesn’t compromise or neglect them. We build Legacy.

We define mission broadly. We are not just for B-Corps or triple bottom line companies. We work with strong brands, for whom shared values with their customers is everything. We work with family-owned businesses, who are committed to ensuring ongoing prosperity of the larger family, both those inside and outside the business. We work with founders and entrepreneurs who believe in the “Why” of their businesses as much as the “What”, “How much” or “With whom”. We work with owners of all kinds. We focus on your values.

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