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Ownership Advisory for Businesses with a Mission
Our Services
We provide our opinion of the fair market value of businesses, along with understanding the financial and operational strengths, and the health of your culture.
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Strategic Growth Advice
We help businesses get to the “Next Level” through organic growth, strategic acquisitions, careful planning and execution.
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M&A Advisory and Business Brokerage
We help business owners find the next chapter of ownership for their business, by crafting a transaction aligned with the values of the company, and the new and old owners.
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Succession and Exit Planning Services
We help owners prepare for the next chapter of their lives by laying a solid foundation for their personal and financial lives, as well as for business growth and leadership.
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Interim and Fractional President, CEO, COO, or CMO
Need somebody now? We get it. We like it in the trenches. We can help you run your company like it was our own.
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Board of Directors, Board of Advisors
We can help guide your company through into its future.
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About Us

You started your business for a reason. Pragma helps you achieve that mission by helping you grow, sell or find a long-term ownership strategy for your business, by maximizing your values, without compromising them.

The Pragma Group is an M & A Advisory and Business Consulting Firm. We help founders, family-owned, and mission-driven businesses in the Pacific Northwest to grow strategically, multiply their impacts, and find ownership structures that maximize their missions and allow their values to drive their businesses far into the future, beyond the working years of the current owners.

We work exclusively with business owners who care deeply about the future of their companies We craft legacies that include current and future owners, investors, customers, leaders, employees, suppliers. We work mostly with businesses between $5 million and $50 million in revenue that are founder- or family-owned and led.

  1. Business Evaluations
  2. Financial and Operational Benchmarking
  3. Cultural Assessments


Identify hurdles, obstacles and challenges, and how to overcome them.

  1. Strategic Growth Planning
  2. Growth by Acquisition
  3. Interim or Fractional CEO, COO, CMO.


Implement changes. Make improvements.

  1. M&A Advisory Services
  2. Succession and Exit Planning
  3. Stewardship and Alternative Ownership (ESOPs, Trusts, Co-ops)
Meet Our Clients
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  • Lotus Beverage Alliance

    We helped Stout Tanks and Kettles, Brewmation, and Twin Monkeys Canning combine to create the world’s largest equipment supplier to the beverage craft.  What no company could do on their own, we helped them achieve by working together, to find the right ownership structure for the next chapter of craft beverages.

  • Tillamook Country Smoker

    TCS Jerky was maybe the best loved jerky brand, but it wasn’t the best selling.  Before the 3 family, 3 generation business sold to new owners, the Company wanted to show its best stuff.  We helped them refresh the brand, define a new marketing strategy, open new markets, and show potential owners just how profitable Jerky could be.

  • Laughing Planet

    After helping to craft a management buyout, the new owners asked us to serve on their board of directors.  After 10 years, the Laughing Planet is happier than ever.

  • Tillamook Creamery Co-op

    In 2018 management of Tillamook Creamery, a national dairy products brand, had an idea for a new ice cream-based beverage. This was something that hadn’t been on the market before, so they needed somebody to engage on a 3 month project to work with internal teams to determine the potential of the product.

  • Dave’s Killer Bread

    After helping with the sale of Dave’s Killer Bread at another firm, the new owners followed us to Pragma, and asked us to help them with their quarterly strategy meetings.  How could the new owners learn from the employees which is the right way to proceed?  How could the employees learn that the new owners had their backs?  We helped facilitate the cultural transition that allowed phenomenal growth.

  • Zoomcare+

    As the company’s initial VP of Marketing, Lori Spencer helped this start up make health care easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable.  She developed and executed the initial marketing strategy that supported the first 3 clinics, and enhanced the total customer experience through all touch points.  The Company built on this platform lead to a successful acquisition.

  • Oregon Chai

    After working a couple years with a marketing agency, Lori Spencer was offered the opportunity to co-found a company focused around Chai tea, a drink commonly found in Asia, but unheard of in the US. What started as myself and a partner passing out samples of product on Portland’s NW 23rd street led to a company generating revenues in excess of $40 million annually and, eventually, a $75 million sale to a global food and beverage manufacturer.

  • Salt and Straw

    As Interim Director of Marketing, Lori helped open a new scoop shop in Disneyland, open a record braking new store , and partnered with Alaska Airlines to develop unique flavors and packaging for first class cabins and Alaska Lounges.

  • Clear Creek Distillery

    Clear Creek Distillery was the pioneer craft distiller in the US, defining the market for premium spirits decades ago.  At that time, Hood River Distillers was known for its cheap, mass-appeal Vodka, which by definition can have no flavor or aroma.  A match made in heaven?  Well, we thought so.  Over time, HRD has embraced the mission of its founders, who started the first Oregon distillery after prohibition in 1934.  They want to produce the best spirits in the world.  The people who brought you Pendleton Whiskey are now working on Pear-in-the-bottle Brandy and Oregon single malts.

  • New Seasons Grocery

    Lori Spencer was recruited to join the senior leadership time for a period of high growth. She led a 15-person team to establish brand guidelines, social and digital strategy and promotional campaigns to eleveat the brand. Lori helped  open 3 new stores, redesigning the new store prototype, developing a private label strategy, and drove customer engagement with an integrated online marketing strategy for digital, social, mobile and e-commerce.

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