We believe in entrepreneurs.


We believe in people who have an idea for a better mousetrap or a better way of doing business.  We believe in people who want to make life better for their customers and their people.  We believe in making payroll every week no matter what.  Even though it often means not paying yourself for a while.


We believe in businesses that stand for something.  We believe in reasons to get out of bed and get to work every day, and work a little longer, a little harder, and a little smarter.  We believe that brands mean something.


We believe in helping people out.  In sharing what we’ve learned.  We believe in making things easier for other entrepreneurs, because better mousetraps and better ways of doing business make things better for everybody.


We believe in dreams, and that careful planning, good strategy, solid finances and hard work make dreams come true.  We believe in Art and Science.


We believe in rolling up our sleeves and helping out, because we have been in your shoes.  We have walked the trade show floors, made cold calls, made payroll, built businesses and successfully exited.


We believe in helping you.


We do things a certain way.


Whether you want to grow the business for yourself, create a plan for the next generation, or sell the business to harvest the fruits of your life’s work, the process is the same.


First, we do a deep dive on your business.  We review your financial statements showing your past performance and review your plans and budgets for the future.  We thoroughly analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and examine the opportunities and threats before you.  We take the time to understand your brand, your culture, your history and your desires for growth.


Then, we exhaustively research your industry, and benchmark you against other companies in your field.  We establish a benchmark valuation for your businesses.


Then we develop strategies for increasing the value of the your business.  Every business has opportunity to grow its value.  We work to find the best strategies for building value, and give you financial, operational and cultural options for building value.


Then we work with you to set your goals.



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